Wellbeing with a Cause

Our goal is wellbeing on every level; from the ingredients we use, to the methods in which we source our products, we are proudly and transparently dedicated to working in beneficial and sustainable ways that ensure we ‘give back’ to the communities in which we operate, and to the amazing island we call home.

Our Save the Ceylon Elephant range sends 10% of every sale we make, into authorised projects designed to protect this most majestic creature. Our goal? To contribute to the practical resolution of the human-elephant conflict, to remove our elephants from the endangered species list and to once more see elephants in Sri Lanka reach pre-colonial era numbers.

Our Peace range also gives 10% of our sales back to community projects that are designed to rehabilitate people and areas damaged by war and to help fortify and build on the hard won peace that we, as a country and people are now fortunate to enjoy.

We are also particularly proud of our work in Kalpitiya where our Aloe Vera community trade-farming project has been providing sustainable livelihoods for 50 families. Set up in collaboration with the Marine & Coastal Resources Conservation Foundation in the arid Kalpitiya zone on the north-western coast, the project is a first of its kind when it comes to organized, large scale organic cultivation of Aloe Vera in the country.