Conscious Wellbeing

At Spa Ceylon we have a fierce love for, and commitment to, the wellbeing of our community, country, planet and fellow creatures. We have applied that commitment at every step of the way.

Our commitment to sustainability

Embracing Cruelty-Free Wellness

At Spa Ceylon, we believe in nurturing beauty and well-being without compromising the well-being of any living creature. We are firmly opposed to animal testing and are committed to ethical practices throughout our entire product development process.

Contributing to the Circular Economy through Recycling

At Spa Ceylon, we believe in nurturing beauty and well-being in harmony with the environment. We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint and fostering a circular economy through responsible recycling practices.

Carbon Neutral by 2030

At Spa Ceylon, we believe in fostering a world of beauty & wellness that thrives in harmony with the environment. A crucial aspect of this harmony is minimising our impact on the planet. That's why we've set a bold goal: to become a carbon-neutral company by 2030.

Pioneering a future with Renewable Energy

At Spa Ceylon, we believe in harnessing the power of nature not just in our products but also in our operations. We are committed to a sustainable future and are actively transitioning to renewable energy sources, starting with the heart of our operations – our factory.

Focus on Water Stewardship

At Spa Ceylon, luxury goes beyond indulgence. We recognize water as the cornerstone of life and are committed to using this precious resource responsibly. Water recycling forms the backbone of our sustainable practices, ensuring every drop is used efficiently.

Empowering People, Building a Community

At Spa Ceylon, beauty & wellness extends beyond our products. We believe it flourishes alongside a thriving community, which is why we're dedicated to empowering people and building a strong foundation in the areas we operate.

Empowering Women, promoting equality

At Spa Ceylon, our dedication to well-being extends beyond the products we offer. It's a core principle deeply rooted in equality and the empowerment of women. This philosophy fosters a thriving environment where everyone has the chance to succeed, regardless of age or gender.