Spa Ceylon UK - 22/02/2024

Rise & Relax


Spa Ceylon welcomed esteemed guests, influencers, and press to a morning of relaxation & peace at our exclusive launch event, "Rise & Relax". They were greeted with fresh flower garlands & invited to delve into the essence of our brand, rooted in the principles of Ayurveda.

The morning began with a heartfelt introduction from Co-founder Shalin Balasuriya, who shared the vision and inspiration behind Spa Ceylon.


Following the introduction, Shalin led guests through a "Mindfulness Meditation", guiding them on a journey of tranquil relaxation. The centerpiece of this mindfulness meditation exercise was the incorporation of fresh jasmine flowers and water, symbolizing purity and tranquility. With each sacred gesture and soothing word, attendees found themselves immersed in a state of calm, setting the stage for the transformative experiences to come.

Wellness expert Autumn McFarland then led a rejuvenating yoga session, incorporating Spa Ceylon's Peace range to enhance the practice. As guests moved through each pose, they felt the harmonizing effects of Ayurveda WonderHerbs aligning mind, body, and spirit in perfect balance.

After the yoga session, guests were treated to a gourmet breakfast paired with Spa Ceylon Infusions. Each bite and sip served as a reminder of the nourishing power of nature and the importance of mindful eating.We look forward to continuing to share the healing power of Ayurveda with the world, as we invite you to join us on a path to Good Living.

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